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The "call" of the priest’s wife to share her husband's ministry *
.After you have met Barbra you might wonder how anyone could be so well trained to be a "Presbytera" (Priest's Wife). When she was a child she attended Church Schools and volunteered working with the Sisters. She couldn't play basketball but was captain of the team.She was a natural born leader, follower, listener and care giver. Father Frederick and Barbra married when they were both eighteen years old. Their life experiences were developed in hardships and successes, raising their own three children and many others.Barbra worked in testing for a defense contractor in Electromagnetic Interference filtration before leaving that work. She attended classes with Father in his Priestly development and has been a devoted supporter of his ministry. Barbra is accomplished in floral design and liturgical vestments, fabric and interior design.
From A.:Papademetriou's "Presbytera"The Life, Mission, and Service of the Priest's Wife.
Ed. Somerset Hall Press, Boston, Massachusetts, 2004.

*The "Call" of the Priest's Wife

The word "call" as used in this chapter is in quotation marks to distinguish it from the priest's call. The "call" of the priest's wife has no theological basis, yet many priests' wives feel that something inspired them, often from a young age, to serve God. They might feel that they have always had a special relationship with God, and that they are part of God's Divine Plan (Theia Pronoia) to serve Him.

Qualities of a Priest's Wife

According to Amilka S. Alivizatos, a twentieth century theologian in Greece, the ancient canons (rules) of the Church require that a woman, who, by the grace of God, will become a priest's wife, must have spiritual virtues and gifts (charisms).The future priest's wife must be a loving, caring, and kind individual with a deep faith and love for God. She must be a woman of good character. She must be willing to share and assist in the priest's ministry. As Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens and all Greece says, to be a priest's wife is to accept the following: blessing (eulogia), sacrifice (thysia), service (diakonia), and responsibility (euthyne).