St. Timothy's Anglican Catholic Church
1900 Old Parsonage Rd
Charleston, SC
8:00 and 10:00
Tuesday & Saturday
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Our Bishop:The Most Reverend Mark Haverland is the Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Anglican Catholic Church. Born in Youngstown, Ohio in 1956, he was educated at Kenyon College (A.B), Duquesne University (M.A.), and Duke University (Ph.D.). He was consecrated Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of the South in 1998, and elected Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Anglican Catholic Church at the 16th Provincial Synod in 2005.
Archbishop Haverland is author of Anglican Catholic Faith and Practice, a handbook of Orthodox Anglican belief, which is available from the Anglican Parishes Association. He has written articles and book reviews for publications such as Touchstone, The New Oxford Review, and The Journal of Religion. He lives in Athens, Georgia.



Fr Paul Andreasen
Married to a dedicated wife, Marcella for 26 years, 3 Children 2 of which are in college.
Served in the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps for 28 years. Son of a retired Air Force Presbyterian Chaplain. Masters in Divinity 1989. Masters in Counseling 1991 Holds a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese from Austin, Texas.
Came to St. Timothy’s March 1st 2018 after serving as an Army Chaplain, a V.A. Chaplain, and a Hospice Chaplain.



The Rev.Mr Peter B. Towle, OHI
Was born and raised in the Middle Atlantic States and the Delmar Peninsula. Before entering the Deaconate he went to Ventura College & Saint Joseph of Arimathea Anglican Theological College in California.
Early in his Military career he entered the U. S. Army serving at Defense Atomic Support Agency in New Mexico. Next he enlisted in the United States Navy serving in Virginia Beach, Charleston, Anniston, Ala., CBC (Seabees) & Naval Training Center – San Diego.
After serving in the military he was employed in San Francisco and San Diego by Hyatt Hotel chain in security. Prior to moving to Charleston he was Parish Deacon at Saint Peter’s Anglican, San Francisco, California
Father Deacon Towel is active in the Order of the Holy Innocents, Chaplaincy at area Hospitals and Veterans groups including American Legion.
John Zolyniak – Senior Warden

            John is Married to Cynthia for 43 years, have 3 boys with a number of grandchildren. Moved to Charleston in 2002. Retired from the federal government as a Systems Analyst for 34 years. Served in the U.S. Navy active duty and Naval reserve, and in the Air Force reserve retiring after 27 years. Federal job had them moving every few years, living in no less than 6 states. John and Cindy love to travel and volunteer at state parks with their dog Chewbacca. 


Charles Wencel - People's Warden- Is married to Pam and has children and grandchildren and is a transplant from Michigan and Ohio. Chuck brings years of experience working for a fortune 500 company (Sears/Kmart) and now is working locally in one of the larger automotive companies in Charleston. Pam and Churck have had years of experience in Church work and are a joy to work with. His position at Saint Timothy's is the lay representative of the People and "charge and care of buildings and grounds". Chuck is a great organizer of work days where we have barbecues and fun. He and his wife are involved in our theology class. Historically, there are two main types of wardens; Rector's (Senior Warden) and the people's warden that is elected annually by the congregation at what is called the Annual Meeting ( "meeting of the parishioners"); the Rector's warden is appointed by the incumbent.